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Here at RightClick Solutions we're passionate about helping young and small businesses to establish a web presence, enhance their brand identity and to make effective, efficient use of their business data, putting them a step ahead of their competition.


In addition to our standard web and logo design packages, we offer a range of bespoke services tailored to your requirements, including custom javascript code, spreadsheet development and enhancement, data entry, data cleansing, technical drawing and documentation.

Computer screen showing RightClick website


We specialise in using the market leading Wix Classic and Wix Studio platforms, allowing us to quickly develop bespoke websites which are responsive and look great across all devices. Using Wix Velo/javascript code, we can add advanced functionality to your website.

We believe that websites should be individual and reflect the unique values of your business. We begin with a brief questionnaire and, once we have a feel for your requirements, you can sit back whilst we build your site. We will keep you in the loop to ensure you're happy with the design as we develop your site..

Once your website is live, you will have full control over the content, but if you'd prefer us to manage it for you, we would be happy to do so.


Key to giving your business an identity and making it stand out from the crowd is a logo.  The colour and style of your logo can have a huge impact on how customers perceive your business.


Beginning with a simple questionnaire to understand the nature and style of your business, we can help you to develop a unique brand identity based on your business values.

We use vector based software to ensure your logo is scalable to any size without loss of quality, so it will look just as smart on the side of a vehicle as it will on a business card.

Logos produced by RightClick Solutions


We have extensive experience of working with Microsoft Excel.  Within Excel is a powerful programming language called VBA.  We use this to build smart tools to make routine and repetitive tasks easy. The applications are virtually limitless, but examples include:

  • Automatic production of reports

  • Automatic import & update of data

  • Data error checking and correction

  • Animated dashboard components

  • Backups and archiving of data​

We can also develop feature rich and visually striking dashboards allowing you to present your data in ways you never thought possible in Excel.  Interactive filters and slicers allow you to easily select specific groups of data and make comparisons across multiple selections.

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